Part 2: Donald Trump Explains Movie Plots



You’re in a dream, a dream within a dream, hard to say. Spin your little token, totem, whatever. Just don’t kill your wife. Not worth it. Or, you didn’t kill her, they say you killed her. Either way.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty: babe. Beast: bastard!


Playboy, genius, hero. Builds suit, flies around. Waste.

Children of Men

Women, barren. Men, barren. I want my seed to grow, it grows.


Anchorman, MAN, fabulous hair. Just fabulous. Falls for strong woman, movie’s downfall.


Big Boat, Yuuge. Hits iceberg. Leo too poor, dies. Sad!


This guy, pretends to be President. Loser. Don’t try it. #OneTrump.

Mean Girls

New girl in school. Very nice, tries to fit in, mean now. Mean is better. BUTTER IS A CARB, so lay off.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall? Forget her. Brunette WAY hotter. Nice work.

The Social Network

This guy, weird guy, likes computers. Harvard student—good school, not bad—steals business idea.  I like this guy.

The Fugitive

Doctor kills wife, blames one armed man. RIGHT. Look at me! I’m the one armed man! DOCTOR DID IT, believe me.

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