Related to Christmas Cinema: Act Two

buddy-the-elfI used to think that “Elf” was my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Then my family and I started watching it every Christmas. I continued to think this about the movie until about the third year in a row of watching “Elf,” at which point I just grew tired of it. “Smiling is my favorite” is a great line the first couple of times, but by the tenth time I was more sad that it wasn’t the first time I had seen it. Every scene and corresponding dialogue was burned into my brain like eleven cookies that Buddy the Elf crammed into the VCR. With each year that passed, the crumbs of movie left behind have accumulated to entire cookies. And now I’m growing tired of this metaphor.

That’s not to discourage you from “Elf,” which, by all means, is a Christmas classic. Maybe I have just lost my Christmas cheer. Maybe, in the words of Buddy, I am a (and excuse my language) “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins.” It’s quite possible. To be honest, I can’t stand Christmas music, advertisements, movies, or Starbucks coffee until about Christmas Eve, and ending Christmas morning. I like presents, but I hate the pageantry of it all. Thanksgiving’s my favorite holiday: the first time I think about Thanksgiving is the morning of. I spend the whole day eating food and pretending to like watching football. Then I go to sleep. That’s American in a nutshell right there.And then an entire month of being in the shadow of Christmas. I do like the Will Ferrell SNL skit where he is singing “Wonderful Time of the Year” on a spinning platform until he throws up. I imagine the same thing would happen to Buddy, who is also played by Will Ferrell.

The key is to find the Christmas ritual that works for you. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then, on the day of, the proper goat to sacrifice as a belated celebration of the winter solstice, or thinking about being anywhere other than the place that you are. Ok, the second one is just something I do. Nah, I’ll probably just spend the day rewatching episodes of “The Office.”

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