The Responsibility of Performer-in-Chief

Theater is performance that reflects a version of reality back onto us. Performative language, when communicated in the real world, not only describes reality, but changes the reality being described. Saying equals doing. The language used by leaders shapes not only the culture of their group, but the very fabric of what that group represents … More The Responsibility of Performer-in-Chief

Part 2: Donald Trump Explains Movie Plots

Inception You’re in a dream, a dream within a dream, hard to say. Spin your little token, totem, whatever. Just don’t kill your wife. Not worth it. Or, you didn’t kill her, they say you killed her. Either way. Beauty and the Beast Beauty: babe. Beast: bastard! Ironman Playboy, genius, hero. Builds suit, flies around. Waste. Children … More Part 2: Donald Trump Explains Movie Plots